Lightning Talks

Tuesday, 10 December 2019


Meetup Links


  • Photos (a big thanks to John Parkin from Ocean Software for the photography!)

Recordings of Talks - with speakers' links

ML.NET - Dan Clarke

What does a software architect do? - James World

MSBuild Structured Log Viewer - Stuart Lang

What a load of SCRUM! - Umesh Keswani

WSL2 and VSCode Remote - Stuart Leeks

AI will fundamentally change how we build software - Frans Lytzen

Xamarin - Tim Boyle

Dashing (open-source ORM) - Mark Jerzykowski

2020 - Key changes to look out for - Megan Robertson (Corriculo Recruitment)


  • Corriculo Recruitment - Kindly covering the venue, drinks, and helping us at each event
  • Everstack - Dan's company, helping organise and manage the user group
  • JetBrains - Prize draw sponsor (any JB product the winner likes)
  • Manning Books - Prize draw sponsor (ebook of winner's choice)
  • New Orbit - Prize draw sponsor (Christmas Tree light IoT kit)
  • Pusher - Video recordings

Prize Draw Winners

  • Jetbrains: David R
  • Manning ebook: Kelvin S
  • Christmas Tree Light IoT Kit: Steven D