Thunderstorm Talks

Three 'slightly longer than lightning talks' talks!

Tuesday, 20 July 2021



"Things I'd do differently as a developer now" - Daniel Bryars

"Learning From your mistakes is part of every walk of life and software development is no exception, I've made a ton of them, in this talk we talk about a few."

Bio: Daniel started programming on a BBCB micro as a child in the 80's, with a keen interest in Mecanno and Lego, he linked them with degree in Mechatronics. Daniel love's the C# eco system, and enjoys learning new things.

"Mutation Testing" - Stefan Pölz

"Executing the very short development cycle of test-driven development requires discipline and practice. However, the .NET ecosystem offers us a wide variety of tools to support us in authoring a high-quality suite of unit tests, defending our production code against defects. In this short session, Stefan is showing how mutation testing can further improve the effectiveness of C# test suites by testing our unit tests with mutation testing, and how to continuously integrate it with Azure Pipelines/GitHub Actions. Let's kill some mutants!"

Bio: Stefan's passion is to practice Clean Code and test-driven development in order to build maintainable software in an ever-evolving team, supported by tools from the .NET Ecosystem. He loves to attend and speak at public developer events and author open source projects, complementing my expertise in professional software development.

"Spectre Console" - Dan Clarke

"This talk is about the awesome Spectre Console library, which puts your .NET console applications on steroids! With support for tables, charts, pretty exceptions, treeviews, images, and much more! The talk was initially going to be by the author, Patrik Svensson - but sadly he discovered a few days before that the cottage he was staying at didn't have wifi! So Dan decided to take his place, and rather than prep for the talk, treat it more of a live-stream where we explore and discover the library together during the session, and get the audience involved."

Bio: Dan is a .NET and Azure developer and consultant, working for his own company, Everstack. A Microsoft MVP, founder and organiser of .NET Oxford, and host of The Unhandled Exception podcast. Also, proud father of two amazing boys, and husband to the best wife ever!


  • Everstack - Dan's company, helping organise and manage the user group
  • Corriculo Recruitment - Kindly covering the venue, drinks, and helping us at each event
  • JetBrains - Prize draw sponsor (any JB product the winner likes)
  • Manning Books - Prize draw sponsor (ebook of winner's choice)
  • Packt - Prize draw sponsor (ebook of winner's choice)

Prize Draw Winners

  • Jetbrains #1: Chris T
  • Jetbrains #2: Emmy
  • Manning ebook: Anthony
  • Packt ebook: Dave W