F# for the Masses

with Ian Russell

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Talk Description

"This session will be broken into three parts (separated by very short breaks)...

  • Part 1 - Getting Started with F#
  • Part 2 - Starting F# Web Programming with Giraffe
  • Part 3 - Experience Report: Building and Running an F# Cloud-Based Service in Production

You may have heard many things about F#. In this presentation, you will get the chance to see for yourselves what F# is and isn't. Yes, it is excellent for those complex domains like finance or data science but what is less well-known is that it is really, really good for the line of business apps that most devs write every day.

The target audience for this session are C# devs. No actual experience of F# is required."

Speaker Bio: Ian Russell

Ian Russell has over 25 years of experience as a software developer in the UK. He has held many technical roles over the years but made the decision many years ago that he could do the most good by remaining ‘just a software developer’. Ian works remotely from the UK for Softwarepark, a software solutions provider based in Vienna, on a cloud-based GPS aggregator for a logistics company written mostly in F#. Ian’s .NET journey started with C# 1.1 in 2003 and he started playing in his own time with F# in 2010. He has been a regular speaker at UK user groups and conferences for over 11 years. He is the author of Essential Functional-First F#, which is available from https://leanpub.com/essential-fsharp.



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