Azure Service Bus - Deep Dive

with Sean Feldman

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Talk Description

Messaging is the backbone of many systems. Not all messaging platforms are born the same. Some are less sophisticated; some are more. Some are so advanced it's like taking a racing car for a spin; powerful and thrilling at the same time. Say hello to Azure Service Bus. In this session, you will learn what Azure Service Bus messaging offers and why it could become the next cloud service you want to use. Unleash the power of the Azure Service Bus in ways you've never seen before and add one of the most advanced messaging platforms to your toolkit.

Speaker Bio

Sean Feldman is a consulting Solutions Architect and an Azure MVP. He likes tinkering with various Azure-related services and is in seventh heaven when cloud and distributed technologies are combined. When he's away from his computer and back on planet earth, he's having fun with family and his Malamute.



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