.NET MAUI What/How and Why

with Clifford Agius

Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Talk Description

You may have heard the Buzz about .NET MAUI or maybe you have heard of Xamarin and all the monkeys but in this session we will cover...

What - What was Xamarin and now .NET MAUI and how can they help you develop Apps for your business/clients. And what the hell does MAUI stand for as it's not that nice sunny island we all want to go on holiday too...

How - How you as a .NET developer can use your existing .NET C# skills to develop and build Apps that run not just on the desktop but also on mobile platforms like the phone in your hand.

Why - There are 5 Billion mobiles in use around the world split between the App Stores of iOS and Android but do you want to learn Java/Kotlin for Android and then Swift/ObjectiveC for iOS? Do you really want 2 separate codebases? No, of course, you don't! You're a .NET Developer, so let's use MAUI!

The session will show how to build a Mobile app how all the parts come together and how to deploy the App to the device in your pocket.

We will show how to get the tooling set up and then how the Single Project is leveraged to run your C# code and using tools like Hot Reload we can live-debug on actual Mobile Devices.

A fun session playing with Mobile Apps and for added geekery Aircraft facts and Figures because why not!

Speaker Bio

Clifford Agius, Freelance .NET Developer and also blogs from time to time, is currently a two-time Developer Technologies MVP, specialising in Xamarin/.NET MAUI and IoT. By day, an airline pilot flying Boeing 787 aircraft around the world and when not doing that, Clifford freelances as a .NET developer. An active member of the .NET community, he is a regular speaker at conferences around the world.

Clifford graduated as an engineer from the Ford Technical Training Centre in 1995. After 11 years as an electrical/mechanical engineer working with Robotics and PLC Programming, he trained to become an Airline Pilot in 2001. Clifford became a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) in 2020 and went on to earn it again in 2021.


A huge thanks to John Parkins for taking photos for us! These can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vio3897n2qb47z9/AABlpWIiH5MZmbmDZVC-zMWWa?dl=0


Sadly, we had a tech failure on the night, so I'm afraid it wasn't recorded. The good news however - is that Clifford did the same talk at NDC last year, which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt5Z9_3hf1U



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