Lightning Talks

Tuesday, 6 June 2023




"Proxy Source Generators" - Matt Davidson

"Git under the hood" - Dan Clarke

"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Redirect" - Matt Nield

"C# Features all developers should know" - Adam Storr

"Rethinking XAML" - Matt Lacey

"Achieving Developer Flow State Through Mindfulness" - Rob West

Rob requested that this video wasn't recorded because it involved audience participation. It was a great talk, and very impressive that Rob had a room full of developers meditating! 🤯

"Beyond Kubernetes: Unleashing the Power of Azure Container Apps!" - James World

James requested that his talk wasn't recorded, as he wants to iterate on it to submit to other events.

"Market Update" - Corriculo Recruitment (sponsors)

Corriculo's talk also wasn't recorded. In it, Corriculo did a talk about the current state of the developer recruitment market - for both permanent and contract positions.


  • Everstack - Dan's company, helping organise and manage the user group
  • Corriculo Recruitment - Kindly covering the venue, drinks, and helping us at each event
  • JetBrains - Prize draw sponsor (any JB product the winner likes)
  • Manning Books - Prize draw sponsor (ebook of winner's choice)
  • Packt - Prize draw sponsor (ebook of winner's choice)